The Client’s Bed - Milo - Chapter 5


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I was fully aware that this was supposed to be my work-buddy’s day off, but I had to show Milo Miles this amazing house. A client was going to be at a meeting out of town—while they were away they contracted my plumbing business to come fix some recurring problems.As I awaited Milo's arrival, I took a look around to start figuring out exactly the scope of work that needed to be done. When the eager boy knocked on the door and entered, he gazed in awe at his surroundings. The client’s spacious home was a sight to behold—and so was the smoking-hot boy twirling his body around as he explored the mansion, I thought.As Milo drifted ...As Milo drifted closer to me he began his usual flirting and kissy-face gazes. You can only take so much of that, you know? I caught him by his waistline with one hand and pulled his face up to mine for a kiss. The lad began to offer a little smooch on the lips, but, to my surprise, nervously pulled back.The darling boy was worried that the rest of the plumbing crew would arrive at any moment and interrupt our play. And wouldn’t the client return home at some point?Normally, all of these practical concerns would be well-founded and surely shared. This time, though, I assured the sheepish boy that there was no chance of us getting caught. We had just enough time to play and explore before the workers arrived.All in all, if I’m being perfectly transparent, there’s something naughty and thrilling about messing around with a hot boy in a client’s place. I enjoy coming up with fun ways to fuck around in the intimate, inappropriate places of a client’s home that you’re not supposed to—and get away with it. Milo was one of the few boys in my crew daring enough to join in on this mischief.He beamed up into my face and wrapped his tiny arms around my neck. With no effort at all, I gently hoisted the sweet cherub into my arms with one hand. The boy purred and cooed against my broad shoulder as I led us upstairs and into the client’s master bedroom.I gently lowered Milo onto the king-sized mattress and instinctively started grinding into him. But alas, he hesitated, and asked once again about the expected arrival time of the work crew. I grinned and scoffed.“Just take your pants off, boy.”Even when we weren’t on the clock, young Milo was always happy to respond to my direction and leadership. I saw a bright future for the talented and enthusiastic upstart—especially with a face and body like his.He gasped loudly as I yanked his underwear down and off of him. My tongue couldn’t get inside his tight, cinnamon-flavored hole fast enough for my own lust or his. He made glorious moans as my entire tongue tunneled into him as far as it could go. I imagine the sensation of my fluffy-soft beard lovingly rubbing up against Milo’s smooth, soft ass cheeks and tender, sensitive boy hole was at least part of what made his eyes roll back into his head.I would’ve happily spent the next few days with my face buried in Milo’s tiny ass, but I knew another matter needed to be taken care of. My man-tool had been patiently waiting its turn for the Latin knockout’s attention, but based on the intense throbbing in my loins, I knew it needed to be soon.Milo responded well to new, unexpected situations on the jobsite. The young up-start was always asking excellent questions and learning to adapt from moment to moment. When I finally came up for air and slapped the boy on the ass, Milo knew right away what we needed him to do.I’m just going to be honest here: a lot of dudes can’t handle sucking my cock. The head alone is a challenge to get a mouth around, but then you have to handle the girth of the shaft. Milo doesn’t seem to be fazed by any of that; he’s a wunderkind when it comes to the ability to deepthroat. His work is always top notch—he took the vast majority of the length as far down as he could go, and barely made a gagging sound.After a hot minute lost in his mouth, I took a quick peek and saw that while Milo was giving me head, his own boymeat had, like his mouth, started to drool a sizable amount. I couldn’t have those thick, delectable droplets stain the client’s bed-covers!I hopped up onto the bed and hoisted the boy onto his knees as I wrapped my palm around our dicks with a firm, yet sensuous grip. As I slid the underside of my member against his, a copious amount of precum started oozing from both of our pulsing cockheads. The thin syrup mixed together, and lubed our shared thrusts.The little Latin doll gazed up at me with wide eyes. Once I placed my fingertips—slick with our mixed juice—upon Milo’s quivering lips, he moaned and shivered in my arms. He suckled the sweet nectar off of my fingertips. Wordlessly, we knew: the client’s new king-sized bed was about to get christened. Little Milo couldn’t get on his back fast enough to help speed up the proceedings.Milo quivered and moaned as I used the rest of our precum as lube for his hole. I kissed the boy deeply, enjoyed the savory taste of him, then began pushing— starting the slow, hot, achingly tight journey into Milo…

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The Client s Bed Milo Chapter 5

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