Nate Grimes got to see hung stud nine inside


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Fetish Findr, Scene 3 - Colby Jansen, Gabriel Dalessandro, Nate Grimes

Studio: Fetish Force

When Nate Grimes gets home he finds a note from his master, Colby Jansen, instructing him to come over with his buddy, Gabriel Dalessandro. Colby has planned his session for the two guys and readies his dungeon by carefully laying out his various leather toys. The guys show up hard and ready for Colby in their jocks and collars and give themselves up for anything that Colby desires. The Master starts off slowly by securing Gabriels hands and having Nate rim his asshole. Nate is told to come around to Gabriels front side and when he sucks Gabriels cock without permission, he gets a spanking. When Colby is satisfied Nate has learned his lesson, he relents on the punishment and lets Nate suck all the cock he wants. Colby is ready to dole out some pleasure and sits down behind Gabriel to give him the flogging of his life. Gabriels experience is pure sensory overload as he gets flogged while having his dick sucked. As a reward for their good behavior, Colby allows the two slaves to suck his dick. Happy to be giving their master some attention, the cocksuckers work their magic and bring Colby to the brink of blowing a giant load.

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Duration: 30:29
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Nate Grimes pt 2 with Sir Mark - electro shock therapy


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Duration: 36:49
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Skyy Knox and Nate Rose

What happens when you get a little too-tipsy at your company Christmas party? Well, for Nate Rose the salacious truth comes out, of course. Some uninhibited chatting between regional salesmen Nate and his smoking hot colleague Skyy Knox delivers a surprise Christmas present we can all enjoy, setting the stage for a pre-flight fuck to remember the next morning! It's not only Nate who's been craving Skyy's tight ass, as it turns out the feeling was mutual and Skyy wasn't going to let this opportunity to bang the top salesman pass him by.

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Duration: 23:31
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OnlyFans - Nate Grimes Getting pounded hard by Justin Brody

In no time, they are engaged on the bed, each sucking the other off in a dick sucking triangle of lust.

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Duration: 17:29
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Nate Christianson

Release Year: 2013
Genres: Gay, Solo, Amateur
Video language: English

Sexy body builder Nate Christianson, hot strip and jerk off in pool action.

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Duration: 9:16
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ChaosMen - Dakota Preston & Nate Stetson Edge (1080p)

Nate Stetson gets blindfolded, tied up and edged by Dakota Preston at ChaosMen.

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Duration: 17:20
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Studio: Bulldog Xxx

Hung Studs get hot and horny with each other in multiple three-some and duo fucking! Hairy bodies and muscular men feed each other rock hard cock into hungry mouths and asses, sliding deep inside, grinding down so they feel every throb of hard dick!
Awesome interracial threesome, muscle bound Brazilian stud Carioca and his workmate Thierry, a slightly hairy French fucker use and abuse fellow colleague Lui, a smooth, slim guy who loves the taste of hard, thick dick. Devouring both whilst they kiss, hes laid down and the hunky dark skinned bloke squats over his face, allowing Luis tongue to get as deep as possible. Bent double, his ass is stretched open as he sucks cock, having both massive cocks inside him at once. Luis hairy legs are spread apart and his butt is properly used, stuffed full of pounding meat; Thierry is a rampant fucker who wed all love to let loose on our own butts.
Thierry is ready for a workout, and gets more than what he was expecting when he sees Steve getting horny watching him use the punch bag. His big dick is put to good use again, sliding down Steves throat as he gets face fucked. This hot young lad is in for the fuck of a lifetime as our hot Gallic man flexes his body as he gets hornier and hornier. Our pierced top guy pins his fuck against the boxing ring as he gets his tongue deep into Steves butt, ready for his dick to stretch into. Shooting his spunk over Steves face after a mega hot fucking, Thierry is sure to have a hell of a lot of fans wanting to feel that dick thrust inside them.
Horse hung Ben Taylor meets hairy, tattooed Matthieu and the hard, rough fuck session begins! Both studs are truly hot and Matts thick dick throbs as he gags on Bens monstrous dick, tasting sweat, spit and ass, these horny fuckers dive onto each others cocks, getting face fucked and feeling the rock solid cock slide down their throats. Teasing Matt with his throbbing head, Ben gets him to push against his dick, feeling it slide deep into him until both studs are breathless with the pushing and pulling of dick into ass, they both explode cum all over their chest and faces. This scene is amazingly horny and will make you harder than youve ever been in your life!
Carioca is back for more, this time with hairy hunk Rocco and muscle stud Freddy. These hairy studs love the taste of cock just as much as anyone, and the amount of dick they can get into their mouth shows just how much. All three have gorgeous looking knobs which twitch and quiver as they take it in turns to devour each other, rubbing their muscular bodies, the stench of sex is almost dripping through the screen. Both Rocco and Carioca have a go on Freddys ass, making him grunt and groan in pure as both guys get their dicks used by his eager butt, covering his back in fresh spunk!
Cleaning up the gym, Harry has one client left in the showers, and when he comes out, the clothes come off! Ivo has a stunning tanned body and smooth, defined abs, not to mention a cock to die for. Its no wonder Harry strips off, hard as a rock and gets to his knees to taste whats in store. These smooth studs are real cock hungry fuckers, dark haired Ivo cant believe his luck with the amount of attention his cock is getting from shaven headed Harry. His hairy hole is played with and lubed up with spit, ready for a big dick to slide all the way into. Ivo loves the deep ass action and Harrys quivering cock pulsates inside him, feeding him as much cock as possible.

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Introducing Shawn!

Release Year: 2020
Studio: GuysInSweatPants
Cast: Dante Colle, Shawn Brooks

Shawn is a 6', 170lbs muscular and hung stud from SoCal who you guys are going to love! I've known him for a couple years now so when he hit me up to come to his first shoot, I didn't hesitate to say no! I had already been chatting with Dante so I hit him up cus I knew they'd be hot af together. He was obsessed with Shawn's muscular bubble butt and perfect hole, but who wouldn't be?! We love a bottom like Shawn who has a look of joy on his face as he's getting his hole pounded by his top. Both boys were left covered in sweat and cum (inside and out) and very, very satisfied!

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Duration: 40:42
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Aphrodite Adams - Busty Trans Babe Receives Hung Dick

Release Year: 2023
Cast: Aphrodite Adams
Genres: Shemale, Hardcore, Blowjob, Anal, Bareback
Video language: English

Busty transsexual babe Aphrodite Adams is having her ass rimmed by hung stud Kai Bailey before deep anal banging and titty cum spraying!

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Hung Papi - Hexx & Zaden - Give Me A Big One 1080p

Hexx and Zaden were set up for a hot collab and damn they didnt disappoint! These 2 hot uncut Hung Papis put it down. Hexx started getting some good throat from Zaden then flipped his over and started eating his ass. Hexx then slipped in doggy style and took Zaden to pound town! Zaden was so happy a Huge Uncut Dick was hitting all the Spots that smaller dicks can't hit. He moaned in with huge delight! Hexx busted so deep inside of Zaden we think he Alpha Marked Him! We have a good feeling you'll see more of these love birds !!!

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Cast: Ian
Video language: English

I love a man that's not afraid to smile! Ian was having a blast during his solo, and it was evident from that big, bright smile he had on that boyish face of his throughout much of this video! It's not just his smile that's big, though! Ian has himself quite the hot cock, as well as a really impressive body! In fact, those buff arms and that built chest sort of catch you offguard when his shirt comes off as he strips down. All around, Ian's quite a stud! He has a deep, masculine voice, is not only built but tall, has a nice bush around that big dick of his, and there's no doubt he enjoys getting off and having a good time. Beyond being a hot specimen of man, Ian's also a wonderfully well-mannered, well-spoken, and well-educated young man. While waiting to film this scene he hung around reading just about every book he could get his hands on and writing about everything that inquisitive mind could think about. I'm always thrilled when we get a new, young stud out here that is not only hot as heck naked but also fun to be around and talk to and Ian's the latest, but definitely not last, such man!

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:31
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1900kbps
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Pantheon Let's Fuck,

Studio: Pantheon
Cast: Benjamin Grey, Damon Andros, Logan Stanley, Mack Austin, Marc Angelo, Mason McGregor, Ryan Sebastian, Santi Del Rio, Todd Fellow

In Let's Fuck, , we've got nine dads of all types taking and giving dick in every possible way. First, hot stud Mack Austin and his power cock pound sexy, hung Ryan Sebastian. Then, ginger Mason McGregor is all over Benjamin Grey's cock as they fuck in the bath and bed. Hot Bear Marc Angelo is back, hooking up with sexy pocket cub Santi Del Rio at the outdoor sex club. Next, horny and hung top Todd Fellow pounds ginger bottom Logan Stanley's meaty ass in this hot scene. Finally, we have a scorching bonus jerk-off scene with lean and sexy Damon Andros.

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Duration: 1:57:59
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5165kbps
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MisterMale RS - Sweaty fuck with the hairy bartender

Studio: MisterMale RS
Cast: Daymin Voss & Drake Masters

Bartender Drake Masters is slinging creations when Daymin Voss enters without words. Daymin can't resist touching Drake's rock-hard, hairy body and Drake responds by reaching down to grope Daymin's massive bulge. That's Daymin's cue to get on his knees to take Drake's thick hairy cock down his throat. He services Drake with an urgency, getting the rough and tumble muscle hunk hard as a rock. Daymin needs a taste of Drake's hairy asshole and bends the stud over to spread his cheeks. When both furry hunks are worked up and sweaty, Drake is ready for dick so Daymin slides his throbbing cock deep into Drake's hole. He pumps away and enjoys the feeling of Drake's warm hole surrounding his big dick. It's Drake's turn to feel Daymin from the inside and bends the stud over to plunge deep into his hole. Drake keeps pounding in and out until Daymin's furry hole makes him ready to blow. Drake pulls out and dumps a load of creamy cum all over Daymin's big sack and hairy taint. Drake isn't quite done yet. He wants a taste of Daymin's load and gets in front of the stud to get what he deserves. Daymin drains his balls all over Drake's beard and face to finish off the furry fun at the bar.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:05
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 3834kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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See Him Lose His Mind!

Release Year: 2022
Cast: Mellanie Monroe
Genres: Gonzo, Hardcore, Rimming ,All Sex
Video language: English

We've got another “Double Debut” today here at See HM Fuck, as we welcome young hung stud Johnny Love (fka Johnny The Kidd) and curvy cougar Mellanie Monroe to our outdoor/indoor set for this week's update. After our newest director Big Lou helps us get to know a little about HIM, Johnny stands and strips with Mellanie's assistance, and you know she just had to sample goods - both front & back. Mellanie then gets HIM all nice & slick making sure that Johnny's big uncut gift is rock hard & ready for action. Mellanie has HIM take a seat so she can smell his socks lick his soles, suckle his toes and let HIM toe-fuck her Next up is the ass-eating as Mellanie pokes and rims HIM while Johnny is spread-eagle, via the rusty trombone and in a reverse piledriver. Then we went inside, where Johnny, being the gentleman that he is, goes down and slurps on Mellanie's swollen clit In return, Mellanie gags on his prick & probes his balloon knot until we get to the actual “dick goes in vagina” fucking. 1st, Mellanie rides HIM via the amazon, followed by Johnny deep-dicking her in a front & backwards piledriver And then, for the grand finale, Johnny plows away at Mellanie's juicy pussy doggystyle, missionary and scissor style until he pulls out and throws some pancakes on her belly We followed Johnny back outside for a post-sex interview as he showers off all the sex he just had... Until next week and the next HM!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:08:21
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7881kbps
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Ben And Golf

Studio: Privateboymovie

Asian twinks Ben and Golf joins up for an afternoon massage in this wild Gay Asian Bareback flick. Golf is well know for being a horny and well hung guy, so is obvious Ben too! It does not take long before Golf is sucking Bens hard cock. Ben is returning the favor in a sexy 69 position. Then the boys lick each others ass, prepping for a good fuck! Golf is very eager to fuck handsome Ben, he uses his fingers before sliding in his big raw cock. Ben get fucked by Golf in several positions, and Bens cock stay hard all the time. Golf finally cum inside Bens ass and the cum leaks out from his sloppy hole. Then it is Golfs turn to get it! Bens cock slide with ease into that skinny little ass, and there is some serious hard fucking in this scene resulting in Ben cumming inside and outside Golfs smooth boy hole. What an amazing raw fuck!

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:51
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1613kbps
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Real Housewives - Volume 1

Release Year: 2015
Studio: British Milf Entertainment
Cast: Angel Long, Jasmine Jae, Victoria Summers, Hanna Shaw, Paige Delight, Michelle B
Genres: Fetish, Euro, International, Shocking Penetration, Gonzo, Dildo Play
Video language: English

Cover girl Jasmine Jae leads this exceptional cast of British MILFs as they swap the mundane jobs of a housewife for some super-sexy antics and show you what Real Housewives get up to. Jasmine’s got a dirty mind and fantasises about being taken by her man as she wanders around in a very skimpy maid’s uniform. This babe is hard to resist and her dreams are soon reality as a big-dicked stud ravages her heavenly body. Stunning red-head Paige Delight keeps a tidy house and pays special attention to the bathroom – because she likes to get really dirty in there! Victoria Summers likes a bit of dark chocolate now and again and is more than happy to be rough-fucked by her horse-hung ebony stud and stunning Hanna Shaw is one of those housewives who loves cleaning – hard cock that is! These filthy-minded housewives invite you to join them in spunk soaked fuckfest!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:57:39
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2920kbps
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CuckOldest - Hasann Bea, Linda Del Sol, Mickey Lou - Serving his domme wife

Linda is out walking her husband, leashed, hooded and on his knees, before returning home, where her young stud waits naked on the couch. She introduces her slave husband by pushing his mouth down on the stud's huge cock, before pushing him aside so she can suck it herself. After her husband to take one more suck, she mounts her stud cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, as she her husband's hooded face in close. Unzipping his face mask, she him down on the cock again, so he can taste her pussy juices. She sucks it again herself, before taking it doggy style, then jerking the stud off so the cum goes in her slave husband's mouth. treats!

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:07
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 23888kbps
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Trampling that cock

Studio: Lava XXX
Video language: English

Even though this well-hung stud gets to fuck his juicy girlfriend’s trimmed pussy and sloppy mouth, there’s still something he wants to proceed with to enjoy their nookie even more. Watch this pervert get his cock trampled and fuck the girl’s shoes!

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:10
Video: 720x576, AVC (H.264), 3702kbps
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OnlyFans - The Gang Bang of Samuel Decker

Samuel Decker is completely surrounded by a whole group of beautiful, diverse, and hung men! What's a Brazilian stud like Samuel Decker to do? Enjoy all these hot, vibrant international men in this amateur video clip on Only Fans!

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:48
Video: 1920x1080, HEVC, 5032kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB


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